From Ø 10 mm up to Ø 114 mm

Bending is the core activity of our business. We bend steel pipes with a diameter from 10 up to 114 millimetres in almost any desired shape thanks to modern, extensive machinery. Bends of more than 180 degrees and square profiles are among the possibilities, just like the bending of tubes and oval pipes.

Our modern machines

The newest machines make this three-dimensional bending possible. For example, we work with the Dynobend combi 76. This is a bending and rolling machine that is suitable for bending pipes with a diameter of up to 76 millimetres. Our machine combines several bending movements in only one bending cycle that makes it unique, like mandrel bending and free radius bending while bending to the left or right. Besides this Dynobend combi 76, we work with computerized mandrel tube bending machines with a capacity from Ø 10 up to
Ø 114 millimetres.

Special department for stainless steel

We have a special department for the bending of stainless steel. In this department we only process stainless steel, something that is much appreciated by our customers. In the process of bending stainless steel pipes, precision and measurement accuracy play an important role. Thanks to many years of experience we deliver a high-quality result. For example, we produce stainless steel guardrails and stainless steel spirals for heat exchangers.


Jansen Buigservice B.V. is available for various machining techniques. We have, for example, the capacity to produce bending tools. It might occur that customers would like to bend a pipe and that the suitable bend-block is not available. Where elsewhere one must first purchase expensive materials, we make it instantly possible because we produce the tools ourselves. Please contact us for all the possibilities regarding milling or other machining techniques.

Bending machines

Combi 76





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