Powder coating


For an optimum end result, we can cover the product with a powder coating in any colour desired. This not only makes the product look nice, it is also beneficial for the life span of the product.

The advantages

A product that is treated with powder coating does not only require less maintenance but is also scratchproof and resistant to humidity. The layer of powder coating provides good protection against deterioration of the metal surface, like corrosion. Apart from applying a powder coat layer, we can also blast products. This is the best way for removing rust. Blasting ensures a clean, rough surface, which is perfect for powder coating.

How we do it

At Jansen Buigservice B.V. we have our own oven and paint shop. Thus we can cover all products directly with a strong powder coating in our powder coating installation. This enables us to work in a quick and efficient manner, and we can cover a small or large series with powder coating. The maximum size of our products, our processing capacity, is 1,60 x 2,5 x 5 meter. Please contact us for all possible options.

“Powder coat oven

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