Construction work

The beginning

When Dirk Jansen started his company, he began as a welder for fencing. For this kind of construction work, in single pieces or smaller series, you can still contact us.

There are two different welding techniques. One of them is TIG welding. This welding technique is characterised by its very high quality and oxidation does not quickly occur. This technique is particularly suitable for thin plates, like welding the angles and edges.



MIG/MAG and TIG welding

In case of MIG/MAG welding, the wire is added automatically. The welding arc is hereby drawn between the filler wire and the workpiece. This technique has a higher welding speed than TIG welding and also provides good protection against oxidation.

Thanks to the various welding assignments, we have gained a lot of experience with TIG welding and MIG/MAG welding. With the welding machines that we have at our disposal, we can manufacture a product according to your wishes. Please contact us for all possible options.



The process

Because we have all the techniques for metal construction work in-house, we can easily deliver a complete end product. We would like to think along with you, contact us!

Call for a quote

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Other services


Bending is the core activity of our business. We bend steel pipes with a diameter from 10 up to 114 millimetres in almost any desired shape thanks to modern, extensive machinery.

Profile rolling

We roll profiles, square tubes and round pipes with CNC driven rolling machines. This steel rolling is suitable for diameters of 10 up to 114 millimetre.

Powder coating

For an optimum end result, we can cover the product with a powder coating in any colour desired. This not only makes the product look nice, it is also beneficial for the life span of the product.