What we do

We can re-finish all products consisting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, like steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our machinery is arranged for this and thus all conventional techniques are available. Think of metal processing like grinding, sawing, deburring, sharpening, flaring and rejuvenation.



Re-finishing is often required after welding. For example, to correct weld beads by grinding in order to get a smooth surface. But also other workpieces can have a rough surface. We have different kinds of abrasive grit for each kind of smoothness. Thanks to the small grit and a well-balanced grinding wheel, we deliver products with an accurate and smooth surface.


During cold-formed metal processing, sharp, uprising edges can occur. For example, this is the case when cutting or filing the metal. This can also occur when something is cut to the desired length by means of sawing with a crosscut saw. These edges, also called burrs, are professionally removed through deburring. We perform this deburring with electric grinding machines, which results in smooth edges.


Flaring and rejuvenation

The field of Jansen Buigservice B.V. also includes pipe processing. This may be necessary when two pipes have to be interconnected. For example, metal frames and tube connections. The end of a pipe can be enlarged by flaring, then it will fit on the end of the other pipe. Another method for connecting two pipes with an equal diameter is through rejuvenation of the pipe end.

The process

Because we have all the techniques for metal construction work in-house, we can easily deliver a complete end product. We would like to think along with you, contact us!

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Other services


Bending is the core activity of our business. We bend steel pipes with a diameter from 10 up to 114 millimetres in almost any desired shape thanks to modern, extensive machinery.

Profile rolling

We roll profiles, square tubes and round pipes with CNC driven rolling machines. This steel rolling is suitable for diameters of 10 up to 114 millimetre.

Powder coating

For an optimum end result, we can cover the product with a powder coating in any colour desired. This not only makes the product look nice, it is also beneficial for the life span of the product.